Monday, March 11, 2013

NaCroMo 2013: Week Two

 Welcome to week two of NaCroMo here on Figknits!
I hope you all successfully shrunk time yesterday and are on the correct schedule. The good thing about that is that Spring is coming soon!

Before I report the crochet project of the week, let's see how much was done on last week's project.

I was able to more than double the work from my last report on the little (as yet unnamed) flowery fabric. I got it blocked, which made me love it even more.

I now have 14 sets and one end partial (two flower motifs) joined. At this point, it could be a scarf really without doing any more work. However, I have only used less than half the yarn, so I might make another set just like this, joining as I go--it would make an even nicer wrap/stole. I might even have enough of the Yarntini coffee cream yarn to do a small edging. We'll see.

For now I must leave it as is and move on. Long story short, I was not exactly successful in finishing the first week's UFO, but that's okay, because I'd like to think about it a bit more.

This week's project is a little shoulder bag I started years ago out of Patons Grace and fashioned out of octagonal motifs with little filler motifs. I flashed this little number during last year's NaCroMo and it has only changed a little since then. It will definitely become an FO by week's end, because all it needs are a few more filler motifs, a lining, and a strap.

You can see that on this side I only need a few more of the brown half motifs (the triangles), and on the other side there are about the same number of half motifs and six whole brown filler motifs left to go. The liner will be fabric and the strap will be ribbon attached with covered cabone rings. That part should go pretty fast!

Wish me luck as I try to report back by Friday with the FO!

Have you crocheted yet this month? If not, then join us!


Caffeine Girl said...

Very pretty. Hopefully I'll be crocheting a year from now!

Jen Hagan said...

CG, why wait? Just kidding--I hope you are posting some crochet shots soon, though! It's fun. :-)