Friday, March 29, 2013

Blanket Progress

Just checking in to tell you all that I have made some progress with this week's projects. The knit-crochet blanket now measures about 42" square and I have more yarn, so it looks to end up at least 50 x 50! It's going to be so comfy.

My time was also taken, however, with a knitting project with a deadline and on spending a couple of days with some grumpy (and not so grumpy) teenagers. That last one is called substitute teaching, and oh, how it needs its own post. 

I'll probably be showing the next progress report next week, because we have an Eastery, Springy weekend ahead of us, don't we? Enjoy yours, whatever your plans may be. Some of ours include getting the vegetable garden beds ready. Can't wait!

Now I'm off to see some young folks who dabble in robotics. Let's hope they aren't having a grumpy day.
Happy Friday!

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