Wednesday, March 14, 2012

NaCroMo Day 14: Octagon Bag

I recently got back to work on this little project--a bag made of joined octagon motifs and edged with some single crochet stitches. I am at the point of figuring out little in-between squares to close up the holes. 
Next up, lining and handles!
(Patons Grace in Taupe, Ginger, and Sky)


Pumpkin said...

That will be an adorable bag, I love the colors you picked out for it.

fig said...

Thanks, Pumpkin. For a while I tried in vain to search for the perfect lining fabric to bring out all the colors, as it would be peeking through the holes. Then I decided to close up the holes with more motifs worked in between the big ones. Less pressure on fabric choice that way. I'll show you how it turns out hopefully soon. This will make a great little spring/summer bag.