Saturday, March 02, 2013

If It's March...

...It must be time for National Crochet Month!

I look forward to March even more than ever now, because that's when I give myself permission to crochet to my heart's content. Those of you who've been reading my blog for the past couple years know that I have been honestly trying to balance both needle arts. I am still unsuccessful at providing equal time for both, as I set about to do with Mirth, but I'll be doggoned if I'll let this month go by without some hooking action.

At this point, I am still in the decision phase about my own celebration of crochet month. The main theme is my general theme for the year--finish as many WIP's as I can!
I have chosen some of my in-progress crochet projects (some are from last year's NaCroMo!) and plan to narrow them down to four. Every week of this month, I will pour some time into trying to finish the project for that week and I will show you how it goes. Of course, I also need to work on knitting projects, some of which I will show as well. I have to mix it up this month, but at least there will be crochet. There will!

I'll be back on Monday to show you what I chose to begin with. Until then, check out what Crochetville is doing. You can visit crochet designers' blogs this month for a virtual tour! Some of them are doing some very interesting things with this. Enjoy!

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