Monday, March 18, 2013

NaCroMo 2013: Week Three

The first day of this third week of National Crochet Month needs to be a wrap-up of last week, because I finished the little crochet bag! Hurrah!

Let's lay out the steps.

First I found a box just the right dimensions to block the finished body of the bag.

Then with the decorator fabric samples Natalie and I found last Friday at JoAnn, I prepared to make the lining. Once I did the math, I realized the craft gods were with me, because just one of these 18" x 17.5" samples turned out to be perfect for lining this 13" x 7" x 4" bag. Also, these fabric pieces already have finished edges and this one is reversible, making it easy work. 

I folded the piece in half with the lighter color facing inside and ran a skinny seam up each side.

Then, because I needed the bottom of the lining to measure four inches across, I folded the sides two inches in at the center and stitched across. Then I secured the little triangles to the underside with some fusible webbing.

I sewed the rings for attaching the straps to the inside of the bag...

...and attached the magnet closures, both before sewing in the lining. Once the lining is in, it will hide the magnet backs and provide extra strength where the strap rings are attached.

Then I pinned that cutey-pie lining in and whip stitched it just under the top edge, working a few extra stitches at the rings where the strap will strain it a bit and at the magnets, which will be pulled and pulled. 

I sewed the large blue rick rack onto the brown strapping, looped each end through the rings, and sewed a sturdy couple of inches up a double-thick length of strap. I think it's secure!
I love it! It was almost worth the ten year wait!

I'll be back tomorrow to tell you about this week's project. 
It's only one year old--a mere baby in comparison, huh? 

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