Friday, March 22, 2013

Friday FO: Willow Blanket

I did it! I actually finished a NaCroMo by Friday!
This is a shot of her after I stretched the dickens out of her with a zillion pins yesterday evening.
As you can see, I decided to do the edging very simply, just alternating single and double crochet rows until I ran out of green yarn. The motifs are jazzy enough without a fussy border confusing the issue.

And this is the best shot I can get this morning while it's still dark outside--gotta leave in a few minutes to spend the day with a bunch of techy teens. The blanket finished out at 32" x 50" and will be a nice snuggly nap friend.

I'll get a better shot in the daylight and show you Monday when I also show you next week's NaCroMo project. Have a nice weekend everyone!


Caffeine Girl said...

That came out really well. The colors have a fun retro feel to them.

Vanessa said...

Lovely!! One of these days, I'll finish a crochet blanket.

Jen Hagan said...

Thanks CG! Vanessa, just make a plan and give it your full attention. That works for me--as long as life cooperates, of course. ;-)