Monday, March 04, 2013

NaCroMo 2013 Week One

 To kick off this month-long crochet party, I chose one of my projects that might take the most time. I gave myself a headstart this weekend and plan to carry it through next weekend as well.
I've been having a little fun with some Shibui Sock color 3001 and some Yarntini Merino Sock.

It started with the pairing hand-dyed yarns experiment we were doing for Wanda Nell back in 2011, but I had to stop after four sets. I almost managed to double my efforts with these seven sets. Think I can double that before the week is out? We'll see!

A set is two of these flower motifs, the Scalloped Circle, from the updated Harmony Guides Crochet Stitch Motifs by Interweave Press, and one joining 8-point motif, which I concocted. As you can see I am alternating colors and doing all the little filler motifs in the Yarntini Chocolate Cream. I am joining as I go and working in ends as I go as well. Less headache! 
Don't ask me what it will be. Right now it's just a fabric and I love it.

I had planned today's post to be a short snack, but then look what I found at the library.

Dora Ohrenstein's wonderful Custom Crocheted Sweaters. 
Now I have to have one of my own because there is so much to learn here.
And so many pretty sweaters to crochet! Here are my favorites in the book:

The Fiji Cardi
This one is made with Mini Mochi with size D hook, so any fingering weight yarn would work.

The Eleganza Raglan
I love a raglan, and this one is made with DK weight cotton/tencel yarn and size F hook.
Imagine how soft and comfy it would be!

The Double Trouble Shell
This one could be worked in any superfine fingering weight, as it calls for a size C hook.

I am now Dora's newest fan.

I'll be back with more crochet a little later in the week, and I'll have some knitting to show you on Wednesday, as well. 
See you soon!


Ana BC said...

How funny that you are making this project with "no plans" in mind! But it is so true that it is LOVELY anyway. Whatever it becomes, it is going to be beautiful...

Jen Hagan said...

Ana BC, I guess I am so used to just making swatches to see what yarn can do, sometimes things begin that way. Sometimes they turn into worthy projects and sometimes not. Either way I've learned something. I think this one is worthy of being something--I just don't want to dictate that until the fabric lets me will tell me! :-)