Thursday, March 29, 2012

NaCroMo Day 29: Arcadia Cap

I started working on this little pattern about four years ago and got sidetracked. 
It's about time to get 'er done!
It has a nice roundy top--no pointiness, even without blocking!

It has just enough peekaboo quality.

And a nice neat edge.

Best thing--it takes about two hours!
Hold on. We're testing and editing. I'll let you know just as soon as it's ready.

Thanks for stopping by today!

Yarn shown: Sublime Organic Merino Wool dk in #0190


Pumpkin said...

Oh my, that stitch definition is beautiful. I cannot believe how quickly you are able to make one either!

fig said...

Once you get used to the stitches, crochet can go faster than knitting. At least it does for me. With the right yarn and the right stitch, you can purely speed through a project, especially a small one like this hat. This yarn was lovely to work with.