Saturday, March 17, 2012

NaCroMo Day 17: Leftovers Revisited

Remember these little hexes from day seven? I wanted to explore more color combos with this. You can also see that some swatches have a more deliberate layout, while others seem more random.
The lower left swatch is done with just the lighter colors and bringing in some off-white solid. The upper left swatch is with a more muted creamy hand painted yarn--less contrast. The swatch on the right is our friend from Day Seven (also the only one that's been blocked). You may not recognize this original swatch, but these colors are more true--my edit on the Day Seven picture changed the colors. The little baby swatch at the bottom is to pull out the darkest colors and pair them with a solid green and a hand-dyed brown. I've searched for a blue-green solid to put with this, but believe it or not, there's just none in my stash!

I'm going to choose one of these to work on out into a full-blown project. Which gets your vote?

(Oh, and Happy St. Paddy's!!)


Pumpkin said...

I don't think that I could ever choose! Something about the one on the right really fascinates me. But the one on the bottom left is classic and cute, I guess that one gets my vote.

fig said...

Thanks for your feedback, Pumpkin! I'm going to add to the upper left one and rephotograph it so you can see the colors better. Everything looks a little washed out in this one--we were having uncharacteristically sunny weather that day!