Monday, March 26, 2012

NaCroMo Day 26: Progress Report #2

1. I worked more Willow Squares! I did this one on the left (compared with the one in Panda Wool for a Willow Hat) with some bright-colored Silky Wool I had. I inadvertently left out the double crochet round just after the flower, but it was a happy accident. With these colors, I think it makes the flower "float" better. I'm gonna do this on purpose with the rest of them in this yarn.

2. The Willow Blanket is a nine-square now!
Still wish I could show the green more in its true color.

Does this help? It's coming out so grey on the monitor. How about yours?

3. It's not just about the Willow Square around here. I also figured out some little squares to fill the holes between the octagons on my little cotton bag. It requires a bunch of triangles (half squares) as well along the top and bottom. Got those figured out, too. I should be done with this soon. 
I like these little squares so much they may get to be the star of the show in another project. 


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