Wednesday, March 28, 2012

NaCroMo Day 28: Group Shot

Squish in everybody! Hey, you there on the right, stop making faces!

I wanted to go ahead and start wrapping up this month of crochet by looking back at all the fun I've had!
Everything in the picture (with the exception of most of the brown cotton bag) was done during this month.
I knew it felt like I'd been swatching like mad, but getting it all in one shot affirms it.
I've been swatching like mad!
This challenge was mostly for selfish reasons. For the past couple of years I have been really bemoaning the fact that I had so little time to crochet, so I made myself commit to this post-a-day crochet challenge. There's nothing like saying it on my blog to make sure it gets done. I rarely let my blog down.

What did I accomplish?
I learned several new stitches (extended stitches, for instance), brought back some old skills, found new use for yarns languishing in my stash, thought up a few new designs, and best of all, I think I have developed a new habit. It only takes 21 days to make a habit, they say.

I will, from this day on, crochet as much as I knit!
There. I said it on my blog. It shall be done.

Oh, and I hope a few of you have enjoyed it as well. 
Thanks to all you commenters, especially Pumpkin, who was the champion and no contest!

I'll be back tomorrow and the next day with a peek at a couple of new designs coming. Then Saturday we will wrap this all up in a pretty package and get back to normal blog life. 
See you tomorrow!


Pumpkin said...

You are so sweet, no need to thank me, I've certainly enjoyed tagging along on this little adventure! I may have enjoyed reading about as much as you have enjoyed all the crocheting (ok, maybe not, you enjoy crocheting a lot!). I'm truly amazed and inspired at how much you have gotten done, and for once I feel a need to finally break down and learn to crochet!

La MaƱosa said...

Thanks for all of your wonderful crochet posts this month! I have really enjoyed seeing all of your lovely work!