Sunday, March 18, 2012

NaCroMo Day 18: The Willow Square

I fell in love with the Willow Square from Jan Eaton's 200 Crochet Blocks book many years ago.
That's one reason I chose it for the Willow Hat in Crochet Gifts by Kim Werker. I started one for myself a couple of years ago, but knew I didn't have enough of this Panda Wool in Basil Curry to make the whole hat, so the work stopped at that point. I recently acquired a second skein of this yarn from Little Knits, though in a different dye lot (which won't really matter for this project). I am back to work on it and plan to work the crown a bit differently to make it less inherently pointy.
Disclaimer: If you make this hat, please note the published errata that the chart and the written instruction disagree on round 4. Both methods work, but I must say I prefer the written way. It is the way Jan writes it in her book. I left off the last two rounds for the hat--the block below shows the entire block. Also, the pointy crown on the Willow Hat blocks out, but why not get ahead of things, right?
I'm using the Willow Square to finally do a tricolor square for an afghan. These colors, which do not begin to show up as true in this picture, just begged for me to put them together. 
(Claudia Hand Painted Yarns Worsted in Navy Olive and Cascade 220 in bright pink and orange)

I'll show you better pictures as I progress with this and as we get better light here. Today, it's grey and rainy. Just right for a Sunday, though!

I hope your Sunday is just what you want it to be. Enjoy!


Luna said...

Ooh, if those colors are as rich as I imagine in real life, I can see why they begged to be together, a whole blanket will be stunning!

Luna said...

Dur, just realized I said blanket when you're making a hat, though a blanket would be beautiful, I also think a hat will be stunning.

fig said...

Thanks, Luna! If you mean the second picture, that is going to be a blanket. I actually have enough of all three yarns to make one. Yea! I'll show the colors better soon in a progress shot. The yarn for the hat in the picture above has more subtle golds, greens, pinks, lavenders, etc. It's gorgeous.

Pumpkin said...

The color of yarn in the first picture is beautiful!

Marie/Underground Crafter said...

This is one of my favorite squares from the book, too.

fig said...

Marie, I love the Willow almost too much. I want to try it with all sorts of yarns.

Pumpkin, you should see the Panda Wool Basil Curry (51% bamboo, 39% wool, 10% nylon) in person--the nylon content gives the yarn little slivers of satiny sheen and the bamboo makes it a lightweight, cool blend. So pretty. I'll give you a closeup when I get this hat more toward finished.