Tuesday, March 27, 2012

NaCroMo Day 27: Framed Flower Revisited

Day Three I showed you this peek at some Framed Flower motifs I was making.
What's happened to them since?
Well, I had really set up an almost impossible challenge for myself by trying to join motifs made with different weights of yarn in the same piece. Nix. Better to branch them off into separate projects. It was also good to let these swatches rest a while because throughout the course of this month I let myself do squares of more than one color. So adventurous! I think I was frightened by all the ends, but it really isn't a problem if you weave in as you go.

I made these motifs with Quince & Co Osprey in Clay and Cascade 128 Chunky in #8686. They work together weight-wise and the Quince color loves the rich brown of the 128 with its reddish undertones. I've already admitted to you my love for rusts, coppers, and peachy hues. This is what this experiment was all about! I think this pairing will need more experimentation once I get more of each of these yarns. I had very little of each because they were leftovers from other projects.

I found several yarns in my stash that either were these exact rusty/peachy colors or were ones that worked well with them. They are all also 100% wool and worsted weight. Trust me that these colors in the motifs above are more compatible than they look on your monitor. Those sections around the lighter flower centers probably appear way more red to you than they do in real life.
In the center is a square made with Claudia Hand Painted Worsted in Copper Pennies.
The lighter flower is from a special skein that my friend Kelli spun for me from fiber that I chose from Hanks in the Hood at OFFF. Keeping it as just the center in these motifs will make it stretch.
The seemingly too reddish sections are Cascade 220 #858 and the outer section is Cascade 220 Superwash #912. The square in the lower right corner is with the Copper Pennies as the center, Cascade 220 Superwash #868 next, and then the same outer layer as the ones with the Kelli's hand spun in the center. The lighter square in the lower left corner is made with Cascade 220 #862. That one is hanging around acting as our friendly neutral to help me decide on whether I need him to balance things out.

I haven't joined these as I make them like I did with the Willow Blanket, because I haven't figured out the configuration yet. That little ball of leftover Cascade 220 #9442 wants in the show somehow--maybe a few of the center flowers? 
I know it's a good idea to plan these things out in advance, but this time I'm playing fast and loose with these guys. We'll see what I happens! When I find out, you can be sure I'll show you.

Have fun your own way today!

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