Friday, April 22, 2011

Signs of Spring

Dadgummit. I told you guys I would do some posts this week besides just the WWIP and the Friday FO. I didn't even get those posted! There are some WIP's and FO's around here, but it was a weird week. I think it's spring allergies (or internal chemical conflagration) making my brain akin to pudding. Rice pudding. With raisins.

But, alas, it is Spring! Here's what has been going on around here, appropos to spring.

(Please excuse the fuzzy cell phone cam pics.)

Knitting on the patio* (in flip flops!)

Babies eating cuppy-cakes (having raised three daughters on Sesame Street ingrains the SS Speak)
Happy Birthday to Malcolm and Lucy this past Wednesday! They made it through the first year...with style!

And a pile of Caucasian baby dolls seen at a local craft store. This just stymies me. Every time I go in this store, these jobbers have moved. What is their purpose? Future Carrot Jockies, perhaps? That I could completely understand.

That's all I got. Sad, huh? I'm gonna go back to trying to finish a little sweater and figure out a swatch for a baby dress. Have a good Easter weekend! May you find ALL the eggs.

*I'll tell you more about this WIP next week. No, really, I will!


Vanessa said...

There's something creepy about a basket full of orphaned baby dolls.

Love the blanket though!

Faeryfay said...

Ooooh, just found your blog and love it! Your bubs remind me of my twins when little in their high chairs! Mine also grew up on Sesame Street!
Love rice pudding too! Happy knitting!

fig said...

Thanks Vanessa, and yes, creepy...

Faery, did you read the whole thing? Or are you a zombie in disguise?