Friday, April 15, 2011

FO Friday #2: Cardigans & Cookies

I'll show you some knitting FO's in a bit. First I have to show you what just came from the man in the brown truck. HARRY! Fred and I saw Deathly Hallows Part 1 in the theater last November, but I always love when movies come out on DVD so I can use the captions and not miss a thing!

Yea! A perfect recipe for a fun Friday. Finishing up the last of the baby cardigans, some fresh-baked oatmeal/raisin/Craisin cookies (which I've been sharing with folks dropping by today), coffee to go with, and HARRY! And here's a picture of my three little FO's from the past couple of weeks. The top sample is knit with Schaefer Lola in Dorothy Reade and the lower two are knit with Lamb's Pride Lanaloft Bulky. These are all for the next Figheadh pattern soon to be released--the Fundamental Top-Down Baby Cardigan in crew or V-neck. The pattern has been tested by Stormy and edited by Tracey. The next step is Meredith's edit and then I have to find models. I need big luck with that. I wish Malcolm and Lucy (grandtwins) didn't live 3000 miles away. They'd be perfect models! See? (They're turning one on Wednesday!)

Please excuse my depending on the already established WIP Wednesday and FO Friday for the past couple of weeks. Been deep into pattern writing and working on designs for freelance submissions. I'll try to do some homegrown posts next week!

Thanks for stopping by! Got a sleeve (and some cookies) calling my name!


Vanessa said...

your grandtwins are too cute as are those cardigans. I've stopped going to the movies because I miss out on the majority of the dialogue. Even with my hearing aids, I only catch about 75-80% of what's said.

fig said...

Thanks Vanessa! I know what you mean. I go for the visual, but usually only to movies with familiar plots, like ones made from books I've read. It will always be fun to go see movies on the BIG SCREEN. Hopefully, though, movie theaters won't go the way of the drive-in. I miss those!

prasad said...

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April said...

What is it about baby clothes that just make you wanna go SQUUUEEEEE!

Lovely sweaters. =)

Julie said...

Love, love, LOVE the color combination of the striped cardi you're working on now. Mission Falls did have a lovely palette.

And the grandtwins are precious!

fig said...

Thanks April and Julie!