Saturday, April 02, 2011

2KCBWDAY6: My Aspirations

The question for today's KCBW post deals with our knitting and crocheting goals and aspirations. This is the easiest one all week!

Since I have trouble focusing anyway, I'll deal with just my knitting aspirations today.

Alice Starmore's work is really one of the biggest reasons I started designing and writing patterns. While I was making a Na Craga for my husband about seven years ago, I appreciated so much what fun the pattern was to work that I aspired to learn to write patterns. Celtic knitting will always be my favorite and she is certainly held in high esteem by us knitters. These are the only two of her books I am fortunate to own, but hopefully I'll get me some more! I was so glad when Aran Knitting was rereleased and with added content! I want to make almost everything in this book, especially this Eala Bhan, which Alice Starmore designed for herself. Thank goodness she decided to share it with us in this updated version of the book. Another knitwear designer's work I admire is Shirley Paden's. I bought her newest Knitwear Design Workshop and have already learned so much from it. This cover sweater, the Double Leaves and Twists Duster, is a wonderful display of creative stitch pattern manipulation, something I am constantly trying to study. It is quite a project, though, because it actually produces a mid-calf-length coat. I wish I could ever have the time to make it, but I know I won't.

Another project from the book more possible is Shirley's Pea Coat. I love this way too much. If I disappear and there's no posts for about a month, I might be cuddled up making this one. You would understand, I'm sure.

Two more aficionados of our craft that I admire are Janet Szabo and Nancy Marchant. Each of these designers have delved deeply into their particular technique--Janet's being Aran knitting and Nancy's, brioche. I hope one day to be brave enough and focused enough to go this deep into one topic. Usually I flit from one to another. I mostly satisfy my worries that I at least broke it down to knitting and crochet and let the beading, stamping, cross stitching, drawing, painting, sewing, etc., fall by the wayside. I used to try to do everything crafty. Some folks can get away with that. I have to focus or I'll never move forward. I'm slow enough as it is.

Last for today (because there are so many more!), I show you the oh-so-brave and creative Debbie New. I can only hope to aspire to such unique vision as she exhibits, as seen in her book, Unexpected Knitting. I keep trying to push my own envelope. Folks like Debbie help me to unleash the brain.

I mean, she made a knitted boat (the Lace Coracle)! Gotta love it.

There are so many other artists and craftspeople I'd love to mention, but I know I can only hold you for so long. Besides, I have to get my bohuncus out the door for a walk down to the farmer's market and the library. There's goodies to be had and a stitch dictionary book waiting for me that I placed on hold. I love the Tacoma Public Library! Uh-oh. I see they are having a big used book sale today. Better take a little more cash.

I hope you're having a good weekend. I'll be back tomorrow for the final post in this great blog party we've had all week!


Anonymous said...

The purple sweater and red coat look amazing, I would love to make them too XD and a knitted boat, too cool XD

Andi said...

Some really great aspirations you have listed. I think that Red Peacoat is wonderful.

matty said...

I've got a couple of starmore's books as well, and they're definitely a pleasure to look at, the only problem is that I want to make them all a couple of times over.