Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday FO! (#3)

Malcolm and Lucy (obviously) enjoyed their first birthday cakes this past Saturday (way down South)! They're wearing them in this picture. We finally got on Skype last week and got a web cam so we've all been talking to them and seeing them a lot lately. I've watched them eat blueberries and Cheerios, drive their little cars (sideways and upside-down), dance when you sing to them, swing on their mommy's hair, and clap for themselves often, loving it when you join in. And well they should--they are amazing, applaud-worthy babies!
Daughter #3 came over yesterday and we made a skirt! We went to Hancock and found the easiest pattern for a skirt ever and had the thing done in less than three hours. It was Natalie's first time on the sewing machine and she did great! I helped her with the tricky parts, but she worked on each step of the process. Don't you love this pretty fabric she picked out?

Here is our skirt FO. Hurray for us! And hurray for my 30-year-old (plus!) Kenmore. Still going strong!

I just have to show you some cleaning and organizing I got done this morning (trying to forget about a very important e-mail that is not coming...and not coming...and not coming). Those of you who were here with me for this will be amazed.

You can also now see the surface of my planning table, unlike in this post (again).

Oh, and you came expecting a knitting FO?

Well, here's one. I finished the last of the baby cardigans. This was the Mission Falls 136 one I told you about in this post. I still have to find and affix buttons, but it's close enough to FO for me!

The sun is shining here and I am going to go out in it for a bit. I hope you can see some sunshine today!


Natalie Goza said...

Wow the office and knitting space looks amazing! Doesn't it feel good to be so organized? It won't last long but feels good for that moment. hehe. My skirt is famous!

fig said...

Whattaya mean? Sure it will stay that way forever (smirk). Your skirt IS famous. :-)

Kelli said...

You've been such a busy bee! Everything looks so great & organized - and I love Natalie's pretty skirt! I want to make one of those for Spring too :)

fig said...

Thanks Kelli! Come on over and bring some fabric and we'll cut you one out. You can make it in nothing flat. :-)