Tuesday, March 29, 2011

2KCBWDAY2: Skill + 1UP

Today's KCBW task is to discuss a skill learned in the past year. Any of you who have been reading my posts the past couple of weeks know that I can't help but mention the magnificent invisible BO for 1/1 rib, as I so liberally disussed in this recent post.

Well, I am happy to show you the finished product of trying this technique on a sample for my upcoming Fundamental Top-Down Junior Crew Cardigan.

This little gem on the right was done in Schaefer Lola in the Dorothy Reade colorway. This yarn is discontinued, but you can still find some here. You can also see that I have started a second sample and it is worked with Brown Sheep Lanaloft Bulky in the Turquoise Magic colorway. Magic, it is! This one is working up with lightening speed at 3 stitches to the inch on size 10.5 needles. I am using the invisible BO on this cardi, too, which is a little different with this fat, squishy, single-ply yarn. I highly recommend learning this technique--it lifts your finishing to a whole new level!

Since I so recently waxed on about the new (to me) BO technique, I wanted to also tell you about another technique I learned recently and am still trying to build. Brioche! I don't know what it is, but the look of Brioche just makes me weak in the knees. It's so gorgeous! I mean to get a hold on this, but it will take some practice. I started learning this technique from the Two-Color Brioche Hat pattern in Weekend Knitting by Melanie Fallick. I kept meaning to post about it about it back in December when I was making the peppermint hat (in Cascade Pastaza) in the picture above, but a quick survey of posts reveals that I did not! I think I may have mentioned it on my Figheadh Facebook page, but never posted. Well, I must remedy that!

After kinda botching the seam and the crown decreases on the red and white hat (look closely and you'll see what I mean), I immediately cast on for another one in two colors of Cascade 220 Superwash. Unfortunately the beautiful green and gold one I am talking about (in the background) has been languishing for a couple of months now and I fear I may have forgotten how to do it! Must do a few rounds today to refresh.

After completely falling in love and being tempted to learn more--I DO love a challenge--I bought Nancy Marchant's fab book, Knitting Brioche. She is the unmitigated Queen of Brioche. If you want to learn this technique, then buy Nancy's book. For just a taste, see her Rodekool scarf in the Deep Fall 2010 issue of Knitty. You might have also noticed that Cast On recently published an issue with an entire tutorial, complete with a couple of projects, of brioche. Also, the Thandie sweater by Mercedes Tarasovich-Clarke on the cover of Interweave Knits Winter 2010 issue is brioche. I love it.

Thanks for all the great posts yesterday! That may have been a new record for figknits. This certainly is a fun blog party. Now I must go and read what everyone else has been learning lately. More fun tomorrow!


PandaBearofDoom said...

I too must now learn brioche it looks lovely. XD

rachel said...

I love the look of brioche stitch! I have a wavy brioche reversible scarf in my queue, waiting for me to pick out the right yarn.

autumngeisha said...

I have always loved the look of brioche stitch, too. I am practicing the technique in order to knit Pine by Helga Isager. Your cardigan looks great. The BO creates such a neat finish.

fig said...

Thanks guys! And I forgot to mention that Nancy Marchant had another little Brioche scarf design in the winter 2010/2011 Vogue Knitting recently. I see it all over the place these days!