Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Constructing Iain

Around noon on Sunday (Feb 26) I started in on the last 14 rounds of Iain--the last sleeve end & cuff. By 1:00, I was chugging along with my Chibi, weaving in the ends, and then he was all of a piece!

By 2:00, Iain was taking a little soak.

And by 3:00, he was resting on the bed, hood stuffed with a fake head so it would dry.

At last, tonight--on the Fred and a perfect fit!

This is a Figheadh design--my own--and the pattern won't be for sale until it's tested. Testing gets underway this week, though, so it won't be too long. I don't usually show my design samples until the patterns are up for sale, but I don't see this one changing, and it's hard to keep a FO to yourself!

The yarn is Cascade Yarns Ecological Wool, color #8016.
Knit in the round on size 8 needles.

I had too much fun knitting this one! I am glad it's done, though, so I can get back to all the other OTN projects. Gloves, scarves, socks, socks, socks.... Whew, gotta go!


PnP said...

Ooh, I love this sweater! Congratulations! Please keep me in mind if you need a test knitter or when you do release the pattern, I would LOVE to make it!


Anonymous said...

It's beautiful. I hope to be so talented one day that I could knit something so awesome. Good job.