Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Flip Side

I can't show you Iain, but I can show you his guts...

Doesn't the stitch pattern look cool on the wrong side?

I've said a lot about how much I've been enjoying this project. The main reason is this luscious yarn. I love the Eco Wool!!! It just sits on the needles like a lofty lady and produces a scrumptious fabric.
It defies description. It doesn't feel like a bulky yarn, but I got the same gauge on size 8 needles (yes, a tighter fabric) as with Brown Sheep Superwash Bulky!

See? (Please excuse the flash of something in the upper right corner--I think it's a sheep ghost. So weird. This is a swatch test I did to show Jane, who's testing this pattern, and it wasn't there before! Was it, Jane?)

This sweater has taken me a little longer to work up, because I had some frogging ta do. I got up to the V for the hood attachment and noticed a cable done wrong, so I went back down. Then I got the cable split and decreased and hated it, so I frogged down before that and did it over. I still think it could be better, but I went on with it. Then, I got the whole hood done, decided it was just too funky, better make it more "normal" and did that whole thing over. I actually like it better this way. It has a nice, neat garter stitch edging all the way around now. I won't show you where I tried to splice the edge together yet--one of my weak spots. I gotta get this Kitchener stitch down, folks!

Pardoning the blur, have a look at the lovely basket weave at the sleeve join. I love this stitch pattern! I "unvented" it when I looked at the stitch chart with my wonky eye (instead of the reasonable, technical eye). I like it better--it makes less sense!

Okay, gotta go and finish the second sleeve!

Have a fun weekend everyone, and I wish you well with all your KO , OK, whatever! Slide on into that home stretch and BO for the closing ceremonies (or just loosen up and vow to get it done before spring sprungs next month! Maybe there will be a silver button for tryers. Hush Yoda!)

'S math a bhith beo!
It's good to be alive (and knitting)!

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Knittinreed said...

Beautiful textures! I can't wait to see it...