Monday, February 13, 2006

Big Sox & Girl Scout Badges

Yes, you read right. First the socks. These are actually representative of my first sock (note the singular) for 200Sox. I had the first one already started sometime last year, so only the second one counts. This is Moda Dea Sassy Stripes, color 6997, basic sock (round short-row heel & wedge toe), 56 sts on size 3 needles. I should have started with fewer stitches, because I think size 3 needles produced a good fabric, but a huge sock! That's a regular pillow sham--the socks take up half the pillow! I wear them over other socks around the house.

See how the heel is already getting a little fuzzy? I've only worn them a couple of times and they've been washed once in the machine and air-dried. I don't usually use 100% acrylic yarn, but these weren't quite bad. I think this yarn would make pretty good gloves, too. I do wonder about the fuzzing, however.

Now the Girl Scout stuff. I was reading Dawn Brocco's blog post today and started perusing her faves list (Thanks Dawn, for adding me). I found this. It prompted me to drag out my stash. Here is some of it, somewhat visible. I was a Girl Scout myself back in the Dark Ages, and I have my badges & stuff on a big blue windbreaker (front shown buried beneath stuff), because I was also a leader and assistant leader for 12 years. I love Girl Scouts, so all three of my daughters were in scouting. At one time, I was involved in all three of their troops at once. I was the leader of my youngest daughter's troop, so I have lots of extra badges stowed away. Some of what you see is packs of my own daughters' badges that I never got around to sewing onto their vests! Argh! You also see some Brownie-colored lanyard makings. Lots of it. I don't even remember that abandoned project.

I wanted to post more, but blogger seems to have a clogger. Ha! More later!

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