Monday, February 27, 2006

Monday Goodies #2

What's more fun than Roy Rogers & Dale Evans costumes? Cool links!

Take this test my mom sent me. Hey, Mom, I beat ya--I'm 84% Dixie.

Okay, back to knitting. If you don't know about the yarndex site, bookmark it. It has saved me many times from insuffucient info on yarn labels, or just lost yarn labels. Lots of uses for this site.

Do you visit the Daily Knitter? More good things for us. Look at the Knitting Basics page!

Are you superstitious? About your knitting? Check out this page--an impressive collection.

That's enough web fun for one day. More next time.

Figheadh Sona Dhut!


Em said...

wow I only got a 68% I guess I'm slipping...I need to relax my diction a bit. wait I mean I needa tawk slower an run mah words 'gether...ah I feel better already.

Kassandra said...

I grew up in California by Texan transplants and managed a 53% Dixie.

Liked the ad on the Daily Knitter. How come I didn't know about this site????