Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Hurray for the Knit Tracker!

Quick post. I just have to thank Amy for her wonderful javascript knit trackers. They are the cutest I've seen in blogland, and the most fun way to display your WIP's. She changed her whole setup over there, and we all lost the images for a while (because some of us are not very savvy and were linking the images to her site...ahem).

I spent the past couple of days "tracking" her down and got a very friendly and patient response from her. I am sure she was inundated with requests! I also got some good info from swatchnot, and between Fred (who IS savvy) & me, we figured it out--just in time for Amy to provide the whole thing on her blog. Yea! So go see indigirl if you want the trackers, but for goodness sake, do it the right way. She has very good instructions all written out for you.

Thanks, Amy!

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Lanea said...

Hiya! That is indeed Ani in my wishlist--she's my girl. It is great to have everything in one larger room like that.

The shop is looking great! I hope you're selling lots of patterns.