Friday, May 27, 2011


This will be a rare pictureless post because I just have to tell you about a recent bit of sunshine in my life. As a business, I have donated goodies to a few fiber retreats and events in the past. I usually mark it up to advertising and promotion and file it away. Most of the time, way most of the time, I never hear anything else about it. Once I donated to a sock knitting retreat here in Washington state and actually got two thank you notes from attendees of the retreat. I was flabbergasted. I posted about it here.
Recently, however, I had this experience wildly improved upon by the ladies of the River Cities Fiber Clan. This is my third year to donate to this retreat. This year, I sent them a few goodies for their April retreat, including a sock knitting kit for a door prize. Folks, I had already received about a dozen thank you's by e-mail over this past month from individuals who attended the RCFC's Fiber Frolic this year, and then yesterday I received a thank you note by regular mail with 26 ladies' signatures! Here is the list of donors for this retreat. That's a lot of thanking! And notice how well they make up this list for us all, including links to us (you'll find me under "Figheadh"). I'm here to tell you that this is rare.
I'm simply blown away. This is how to do things with style. I salute the members of the River Cities Fiber Clan. You are top notch! And you have vividly reminded me to be thankful in my own doings and to sometimes send a good old-fashioned thank you note. It makes a big difference.


Anonymous said...

We hope you may be able to come visit us sometime in the future! We are nestled in the beautiful hills of Ohio/West Virginia/Kentucky and we look forward to meeting our sponsors face-to-face!
Maria Farley, member, RCFC

fig said...

Maria, that sounds divine! Maybe I will get the chance someday. :-)