Saturday, May 28, 2011


So funny how things work out sometimes. Just a couple of days after my post last Tuesday about the latest FO with Ravenwood Cashmere, Clara Parkes writes this article about it. Please read this article. As usual, Clara did a fantastic job with it. I have a few pictures to share with you from our trip this time last year to the Rasmussen's farm, where goats are happily living and growing this fiber on their wiggly little bodies.
 Here are just a couple of the squirmy little goats. This year, the last count I got from Delia was 53 of these new goats who will hopefully be lending cashmere next spring. Some won't make it, though, and will be sold for other purposes.
 Here are Delia and Reed Rasmussen, the owners of this lovely farm and all those happy goats.
They are primo folks.
 As is Max, one of the Maremma who guards the goats from predators. He looks sweet, but don't get in the way of his job. He'll eat you.

 And so will Sophie.
A lot of hard work and care go into producing this lovely, lovely yarn. If you want to keep up with just what all that entails, visit Delia's blog. You'll also find more cute pictures of goats. And that's sure to bring a smile.

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Julie said...

I sw that article in Knitter's Review. Great minds think alike, right?