Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Every spring I like to be on the lookout for fallen bird eggs. I guess this is my grown-up Easter egg hunt. The one above, nestled in a wad of yarn (of course) is my first find of the year and I spied it in my own yard last Wednesday as I mowed the lawn. There it was, perched precariously on the curb, waiting for me. You know what that means, though, don't you? Especially since we have no trees in our yard, it means that it was most likely dropped there by a robber crow who had just made a meal of its contents. Not a lovely thought, but nature is what it is--at times beautiful and horrible all at once.
Here's a few shells from years past that I found on our walks through the surrounding neighborhoods, usually along the hill on N. 29th where there are trees aplenty. I love the colors. I like to imagine that little birds pecked their way out of these and flew strongly on to complete an entire life cycle with no robber crows interrupting.

From the sublime to the ridiculously knitty, here's a funny image from one of the vintage knitting booklets I leafed through this morning as I did some research for a piece I'm writing. He may be full of the devil, but he's dressed well for it, don't you think?

From another knitting leaflet just for teenagers here's a jaunty quiz involving knitted accessories. You can't beat this. Not with a wooden knitting needle.

I particularly loved looking through this December 25, 1948, issue of Women's Weekly. A friend who knows I collect these gave this to me, thankfully. It's a treasure. There are a couple of knitting patterns and some romantic stories and lots of curious ads. The funniest one was for halibut oil emulsion for babies. Yum. "Goes unnoticed in the milk." Well, that's just cuz baby can't talk yet to tell you he "notices" it.

Oh, and of course I collect yarn. Here are some of the lovely skeins of Hazel Knits I have. I'll knit them up someday, but until then I just love looking at them.

What do you find yourself collecting? I'd love to know.


Bonnie said...

What a nice thing to ponder! I collect music and yarn. I still buy on to albums on CD because I like looking through the liner notes. I have "souvenir yarn" that I've purchased on trips that seem to stay on the shelf rather than get knitted. I love looking at them and remembering the trip when I bought them.

La Rue said...

The things one does not know can be shocking. I had no idea of either of your collections. I collecr all things fairy related. I have books, figurines, fairy bells, etc. I also collect all things hummingbird related, who knows they may be fairies om disguise. I have had to suspend collecting vintage pink dishware since I have no place to display them. Keep blogging, I am learning all kinds of thing from your posts.

owlette said...

I loved your knitting leaflet for teens. I wish teens were like that now most teenagers still think its grandma-ish, really annoying to a 17yr. old knitter:)

Melissa Clarke said...

Kelli and I just saw a robber crow little broken egg piece on one of our walks. I told her I had learned about it on your blog. ;)