Monday, March 30, 2009


Bear with me please as I make some changes to my blog. I accepted the "layout" change and I have to get up to speed on how to add back some of the elements to my sidebar and footer, because they disappeared!
As old Heraclitus said,
"Nothing endures but change."
May as well shake things up yourself, because change is the only thing we can count on.
One of the changes I found out about this past week is that my design for Clara Parkes' upcoming book, The Knitter's Book of Wool was dropped. Yes, I was a bit bummed, but we're figuring out a way to still have it associated with Clara, so stay tuned. Also, I still can't wait until the book comes out--it will be wonderful.

There were many other changes last week, but I won't go into it all. I'm just absorbing them and moving on. (But I seemed to have lost my sense of humor today--if anyone finds it, could ya mail it back to me? Thanks.)
Instead, I want to look back a bit at some generosity surrounding me lately. I was contacted a few months ago about Camp Yawatink, a knitting retreat given by one of our nearby yarn shops. I put the request in my TO DO folder and forgot about it for a few weeks. Then I found it and decided to call on a couple of friends to go into it with us and donate some goodies. I got yarn from Kristi at Shalimar:

(Zoe Sock)

And from Chuck & Robin at Pagewood Farm:(Yukon sock, all)

Actually, you see that skein of purple goodness right in front--I swiped that one for a sock design.

Each one of these gorgeous skeins of yarn helped make sock kits along with our Fundamental Top-down Sock pattern. I was so amazed at the generosity of these yarn companies. I was also amazed to get thank you notes from two lovely ladies who attended the retreat. This makes about the fourth event we've donated to, but these are the first thank you notes I've ever received from attendees. Kristi, Chuck, and Robin, the thanks are for you, too!

Thanks for the thanks, Janice & Sylvia!


Emily said...
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Emmalee said...

Oh it's lovely. So simple and gorgeous. I adore it! Thank you for helping me look again.