Wednesday, May 04, 2011

WWIP #3: A Mother-Daughter Project

My youngest daughter and I have been working on a sample of the Lo Shu Wrap together for the past year or so. I started it and then Nat picked up the (yarn) ball for a while. She recently passed it back to me and I'm going to try and finish her up.

We put scrap yarn markers to remember where Natalie's section was. Look--you can tell no difference in gauge. Like mother, like daughter.
I had forgotten what a fun project this is. The pattern is one that I adapted from a panel pattern of lace and a moving column of knit stitches. I made it into an allover lace and cable pattern for this wrap. It's just enough pattern to keep you interested, but not such a challenge that you can't memorize it after a few repeats. The Lo Shu in the background is the first one I made in Pagewood Farm Tundra, which is a 70/30 blend of silk and camel--a very rare combo and one that makes it easy to wear for most of the year. I've even thrown it over a summer dress on a chilly evening. This is the Lilac colorway and is the one I'm wearing in the pattern pictures. This second version is in Cascade Indulgence's blend of 70/30 alpaca and angora--another rare blend that is making a very cozy, fuzzy wrap. This blue colorway (#508) is fun to work with, but Nat says the bunny fibers were getting to her a bit. Does that happen to you?

I"m keeping it bright around here this week in honor of spring by working on some more colorful cardigans. This is a size 8 crew neck cardi in Cascade Cotton Rich in color #1457. Just got started on the first sleeve. Think I can finish this by Friday? Stick around and see! I'm hoping to also have a good start on a bright purple one by then. I'll be back Friday to show you.

Pssst...if you haven't mailed off your Mother's Day card yet, you'd better get hopping!


Vanessa said...

Very nice stuff! And thanks for the Mom's Day reminder, I gotta send my MIL a card.

Shelly said...

Oh, it's beautiful and a pretty color, too.

Natalie Goza said...

The pattern has always been a little trickier for me, being newer to knitting. However, once I get in the swing of it, it is so much fun. Also, I feel so proud when I finish a repeat with no errors!!

fig said...

Thanks Vanessa and Shelly! And Nat, I know what you mean! Once you've been going in one direction for a while, it takes a little thought to remember to turn around and go the other way. But that's one thing that keeps it fun, right?