Friday, September 15, 2006


Plunk! There went 2 more weeks. Yike! Okay, let's catch up.

All summer, Fred & I have been working 7 days a week. He's essentially got 2 jobs right now and me--you know, knitting, constantly. Well, a couple of weeks ago we took Sunday off. Yep, did just what we wanted all day long. What did I do?


I've been playing with slip-stitch color and having too much fun. That's the Cascade Sierra in the gray and sage. I'm trying to hit on just the right pattern for a big, shawl-collar coat. I haven't found it yet. I like the two shown, just a little too boxy. The fabric comes out nice and thick, though, so I think this will make a cozy sweater. The other swatches are Cascade Pima Melange, which is discontinued, but it's just a worsted weight cotton. It's very splitty, but is good for the mosaics.

I've also been working on Raibeart, my soon-to-be-released Guernsey. Here he is in his bath about to be blo
I do so love taking pics of the FO's taking baths--why? They look so pretty in our lovely white pedestal sink, and they don't mind. They are not modest.

I'll show the dry version when I'm ready for publishing.

Now that he's done, I am paying close attention to 5 new sock designs (I plan to publish 8 new ones very soon!)

One of them is a Knitty reject. You can see that they have a lot of socks this time (click on the button to the right to view the latest issue--great stuff!). Mine were not as exciting. Just a fairly plain sock with a little interest on the leg--you'll see!

You see the green DMC Senso yarn? The one labeled "crochet?" Well, I'm knitting with it, okay? I was just curious about the stuff. It's readily available at Joann, and I saw another blogger who tried it for socks, so I tried it. The green heathered one (called Dk Olive on the label) is not the least bit stretchy and would be best for just St st. However, I am doing a parquet pattern on the foot top and leg and it's a bit tricky. The medium blue in the middle of the basket is also Senso, but it handles differently--a little more stretch, and it's smoother. This yarn is 70% cotton/30% wool. I'll let you know how it wears. You also see in the basket some of the wonderful regulars--Brown Sheep Wildefoot (the upgraded version), Sockotta, and Regia. Sadly, I am down to just one handpainted sock skein--Mountain Colors Bearfoot, and I am saving it for something special. Oh, if only I could buy some STR, or Sweet Georgia, or Koigu, or CTH, or Lorna's Laces, or...Snap out of it!!! Only using stash yarn. Only using stash yarn. Only using stash yarn. Okay, that's better. Must remember my mantra. Use the stash!

I'd better go and get busy. On today's agenda: take product pics, get an Interweave submission sent, edit Raibeart (and others), try again to call the daughters (wish me luck on that one--we've been playing voice mail tag all week), start writing the next Knitty submission, knit more on socks, etc.

Good luck with your todo list today!

Beannachd ort!

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twig said...

I'm glad to know that Raibert is comfortable with his own body. I'm looking forward to seeing him after he gets out of the bath, too.

You're so busy! Don't forget to take some time just for you.