Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Here comes another design that's been years in the making. I had the crazy idea to make a cable scarf as a tube--knit in the round so that there was no bad side. I know, I've seen the cool reversible cable patterns out there, but I wanted to do the cables traditionally, not in rib stitch. Of course, the scarf would have to have a matching hat, as I do have a penchant for the matching sets--I'm such a dork!

I would like for you to meet Mabel. She's a super-long, knitted cable tube featuring a braid cable and an irregular cable with k3/p2's in between. I made mine on 2 circular needles, but dpn work as well.

Essentially, you end up with a double scarf. If you need warmth, try this one out.

Here's a closer view of the cables. This sample is knit with Patons Classic Wool. I love this yarn, and I love blue & brown.

It's a little bulky when you're working it up, but it blocks out nice and compact. I can't wait until it gets cold enough to wear this one!

Cables on both sides--see?

The hat finishes out to 21" circumference, but because of the rib pattern, will fit a variety of head sizes.

Now you know what the
peek was a week or so ago, and I mentioned Andrea--well, she was the tester on this pattern.

Congratulations, Andrea! (She just got married a couple of weekends ago.)


Dawn Brocco said...

Nice design, fig! I love being able to work things in the round, if at all possible! And love that braided cable! - am using it myself in a sweater - it looks complex but is easy to knit.

Knittinreed said...

I second that - Nice design! I wish it got cold enough here to wear really warm clothes.