Monday, September 18, 2006

A Little Gift

Here's my recent gift to youngest daughter. Not bright at all, huh? The scarf is a reversible st pattern done with Lion Brand Cashmere Blend. I like it--it was really soft and luscious to work with, but it lost some of its loft when I washed and blocked. I guess this would be a good outcome for a sweater with this yarn. I have a stash of soft pink to do a sweater, so we'll see.

The socks are Lion Brand Magic Stripes in the "hey, look at me" Jelly Bean Stripe. I worked these toe-up after casting on with Judy's Magic, and then I did Flor's Eclectic Heel. It was fun!

Here's a closeup.

I like how it made a little color ridge up the side. I worked these on 2 size 2 circulars, and this was my first 2/2 ribbed leg. I liked that, too!

In my sock techniques file, I have a gazillion different heel methods, and I have yet to find one I am absolutely satisfied with. I like the short row on the other side of the heel flap for these the best of any I've tried. It was easy and no holes!

In other news, last week, I finally hooked up with my local TKGA knitting guild, The Knitting Connection of Puget Sound. Let me tell you, those ladies are charity knitting dynamos! I could not believe the pile of hats, blankets, vests, socks, etc. that they brought in to donate. I'd better get busy or I'll be the shameful newbie for sure! I only took one little premie hat made with leftover sock yarn.

I'm working on another, and this time I'll show you before I give it away. I'll also tell you where I got the pattern.

Okay, back to making samples and editing new designs. Next time I should be showing a newly published pattern or two. Almost there!

I hope you're all enjoying the first whisps of autumn. The rains have come back to us--hallelujah--after a dry summer. I love the rainy season. Yummy, cloudy, wet days. Gimme! I'm getting in the Halloween spirit. Ready for the scary movies!

Let me hear from you!

Slán go fóill

(now, that was some Irish--yep, been delving into the Irish while I try to read my Irish version Harry Potter--fun! Oh, and it means "So long!")


twig said...

Where are my sunglasses!??!?!?!

Emmalee said...

Hey thats so cute. Hey check it I updated my blog...there might be a theme.

Sarah said...

I hear 'ya about being ready for the rain. We've had several teaser days down here, but I'm ready for the full-on, all-day, downpour. Bring it, baby!

Kassandra said...

Cool! More socks! Can't...have...too...many...hand...knit...socks. :-)))