Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Secret Garden

I own a few good "knitting movies," usually period/literary films with gorgeous hand-knitted things everywhere. This is not the only reason I own The Secret Garden, the Frances Ford Coppola-produced, Agnieszka Holland-directed movie starring the wonderful Kate Maberly. Of course, it is a film adaptation of Frances Hodgsen Burnett's great book--so many good themes. This is the kind of movie to put on when it's cloudy outside and you're curled up on the sofa, happily knitting. The mood this movie evokes is delicious. Beautifully done.

In a couple of different scenes, "Mary" wears this red tam--once with the purple lace scarf seen here, and another with a dark blue one which appears to be edged in lace. I could never get a close enough shot of the scarves to duplicate them, but I got the hat--close, anyway.

I started trying to get this into a written pattern about three years ago. The first attempt was with some of my Blarney Woolen Mills stash. My mom went to Ireland years and years ago and brought me back tons of green and purple wool (still my favorite colors). I wish I still had that yarn. It made a couple of afghans, a baby sweater, a double-knitted cloche hat, and this...

The first scarf had crochet edging, as you can see, and turned out a very warm but very heavy hat & scarf. I don't believe I've ever worn it. I will keep it around forever, though, because I love the yarn.

For the new version, I changed the scarf edging to Sawtooth Lace. It's the closest I've come to a shawl, but, alas, it's just a scarf. The directions allow for making it bigger, though, so if anyone is so inclined....

Here she is...just the first of a new batch of patterns on the Figheadh site. Thanks to Meredith (the tester/editor) it's finally published and ready for purchase. I hope you like it!

This sample is made with Cascade 220 100% wool in a lovely light grey & light pink (another favorite color combo). It is much more wearable.

I'll be back soon to tell you about more of the new patterns. As for the site, please bear with us as we go through some changes. We plan to break the sweaters & personal accessories categories down into smaller categories. The PA is getting impossible to wade through. Hard to find anything quickly in there! We're also trying to get a new gallery page up. I have new tester pictures to show!

See ya soon!


Lavendersheep said...

I know what you mean about knitting movies. I love watching Anne of Green Gables while knitting. It is perfect for cuddling up with my knitting and there are such lovely cardigans in it too.

Emmalee said...

I love that movie! It is air to me. It reminds me that film is art, not just entertainment. You're right about the quotes though. Right now all I can think of is "the spores, the spores" and "my sheets they've gone all twisted," I must be in a dark mood today. I still cry at the end everytime.

kat coyle said...

thanks for reminding me of this movie. i remember when i watched it how i enjoyed looking at the knits. pride and prejudice was on tv last night. its another great "knit to" movie with its great landscapes.