Saturday, August 19, 2006

Better now

After changing the bed linens, washing some curtains, and putting out the slug pool, I'm feeling much better thanks. Amazing what a little light housekeeping will do for your spirits. It looks like Twig and I were the only ones either feeling grumpy or willing to voice it. It also helps to have a fellow griper to sound off with ya. Never be afraid to get a little grumpiness out of your system--it's so refreshing!

Another thing making me feel better is an FO. Here she is taking her lit
tle bath...

and blocke

I just have a thing for striped cables. I love the way the cable just runs on through the stripes--the way the cable looks different in the different colors. You'll hear more about this one later. At this point, only Andrea knows what it is. Hey, look, Andrea, I finally finished! Yeah, this one was a really long time in the making. I've shown it languishing in its basket a few times on this very blog. In a couple of weeks, it will be published! Wahooey!

Now on to the second McGuinness sock. I wish you FO's of your own!



twig said...

What? The grumpiness is over? I had a whole new list for today. *sigh*

Um...I could be off base -- and I probably am since you said that only you and Andrea know what it is (who's Andrea anyway, and how come I'm not in the loop? *makes note to add this to my grumpy list*) but it sorta looks like a scarf to me.

Are the McGuinness socks ones that you are knitting at the new McDonalds tavern? Yep, they sell McGuinness, McVodka, McStPauli.

Monika said...

i've looked at your flickr fotos. Wonderful knitting all around!!!

Dawn Brocco said...

Hi fig!
Cleaning house always helps to get the grumpy out of me, too!

Some people might just go for a run or a workout at the gym, but I'm like Miss Scattergoods in the Love Letter, who said something like, whenever I get the feeling to exercise, I wait until it passes! At least with cleaning, there's something immediately visual you get for the effort.