Monday, April 02, 2012

Cream-Colored Ponies

And now back to Mondays and Favorite Things
Snow Lake, WA

Champagne breakfasts (and Chimes) 

This picture of my mom with her brother and parents, circa 1951 
She's a cutie!
(Uncle Sonny, Granny, Mom, Grandaddy)


Pumpkin said...

Oh I love old photographs like that, they have so much character. Also, a champagne breakfast sounds amazing, I'm going to have to look into having one sometime.

fig said...

Believe me, these were some characters! My uncle and my granddad were both scamps (in a good way) and my granny was a sweetheart but she had a way with a hickory switch. As for the champagne breakfast, oh you must! Just don't have anything very strenuous planned for the rest of the day...makes you feel pretty kicky for a while and then you just want a nap.