Friday, April 27, 2012

3KCBWDAY5: Something Different

Our task for today's KCBW post is to think outside of our blogging norm, to stretch and do something different. I couldn't get my wacko senses to work this week for some reason, so I pondered what I could do that would be different from my usual posts. 

I work at home most of the time, except for the occasional day substitute teaching, so I thought it would be fun to get out and about for a couple of days. I had a side agenda on this little jaunt we're about to recount--I wanted to see if I could catch anyone knitting or crocheting in public...just on a usual day, you know, in the usual places.
On Wednesday I popped over to one of my local Starbucks for a tall green tea latte. No one was knitting...
...except me.
I decided to give it a nudge early on and stop by Fibers, Etc.*, where I just knew I could catch someone knitting. I peeked into the store to find Roberta, the owner, but no sign of her, so I checked her studio.
*no linky--no Web site 
What should I find but two lovely ladies lunching and knitting!
Sweet ladies, too!
Of course, I had to head back into the store to find some lace weight yarn.
I just had to share these two colorways in Malabrigo Lace I spied. Boy, were they hard to resist!
But I simply could not resist these awesome skeins 
of wool and silk lace weight. 
Look at the yardage! Look at the price! Score.
From there it's an easy stroll down Antique Row to Tully's*, where I wanted to try some macha.
Nope, no knitters or crocheters here, though. And silly me, I left my project bag in the car, so I wasn't stitching either.
*props to alley cat, because she does justice to this icon in the post linked
So I just nabbed the sweet front table and enjoyed the fab views while I sipped. Macha tried and enjoyed. Check.
Moving on! Hopped in the car and scooted down to the main library branch.
I usually make a beeline for this section.
This time, though, I wandered around a bit and looked for anyone stitching. Nope.
So I went back to my favorite section and checked out some books. Good finds!

That was all the time I had that day, so I asked my daughter Natalie to join me the second day, yesterday.
We did some thrifting and then tried the mall, which completely zonked us out (and where there were no stitchers to be found). 
Time for some sustenance!
So over to Fircrest we zoomed for some Greener Bean goodness.
A giant peach cobbler muffin to share, assorted caffeine beverages, and wildly assorted seat options always help.
Can you imagine anyone actually lounging on that chaise? I'm curious as to whether it ever gets used. 
I wanted to use it. I wanted to take it home with me.
No knitters or crocheters here, though. I did see a couple of ladies visiting, one with a fiber-related textbook of some kind. I wanted to quiz her, but thought it best to leave her alone. When she saw me eye her book, she suspiciously tucked it away. I must have unsettled her or something. I mostly try to leave folks alone. Mostly.

We tried one more stop over to the fabulous Orange where I was so desperate I asked the owner whether she knit. Well, you never know. There was a chance she did and had a project with her and at this point I was ready to push the issue! Nope. She said she hadn't the patience. Used to cross stitch.

Thanks for joining me on this little mostly fiber-fruitless field trip. The hunt was fun, but I was a little sad that my two-day journey around my part of town yielded no sightings of random KIP or CIP. Thinking about this, I can't remember the last time I saw any. Has the craze died down? Has the kipping and cipping moved over to yarn bombing, tagging, etc.?

When's the last time you saw anyone working on a yarny project out in public?
Do tell! 


Sue said...

good post, I can't remember the last time I saw someone KIP, shame

Karen said...

It was fun to go with you on your excursion:) I see people KIPing all the time. Well, it is my knitting group at the local Panera on Monday nights. We always have people stop and comment and we try to get them to join us:)

Liz Washburn said...

I'm typically the only one. Someone told me about an old man whom they'd seen knitting in the grill at the community college where I work. I saw him one day, but after talking to him realized that he was mentally handicapped and spent his time casting on and casting on. He had yards and yards, but not a knitted stitch. Odd experience talking to him.

Ana BC (Lanas Hilos) said...

I am thinking that most of the projects are being done in...secret... otherwise, where is all the yarn from the yarnshops going to?
Loved your post. It was so much fun.

Caffeine Girl said...

We have two knitting stores/cafes, so I can almost always find someone knitting in public.

josiekitten said...

I knit in public, but I must admit, I don't often see anyone else doing so! But I do find that people are generally curious as to what I am doing, and it's often a conversation opener.

Truly Myrtle said...

Fun! No, I don't tend to see people knitting out and about. Although I did go to my LYS today for the knit natter morning. Lovely :)

seeyouat5 said...

Your post was so fun to read! And I liked photos!
I haven't seen anybody KIP ever! I'm thinking I'm the only one in my neighborhood...

Liz said...

This was a fun read :) I don't normally KIP because there's just no room on the buses - the last time I did was when I got the train to London and there was another woman a couple of seats away KIP too :)

Kell said...

It was fun to tag along on your search. I'm usually the only one knitting when I go out, too.

M. J. Joachim said...

Sounds like you had a great time:) I really enjoyed reading your adventures.

Caitlin said...

A very good idea for a "something different" post. I love PDKing (public displays of kitting) and the responses it gets.

GirlAnachronismE said...

I never see anyone knitting in public. I think it needs to be encouraged more!

Pumpkin said...

Such a great idea, I guess us knitters are a rare and unusual species. Mmmm and Macha can be wonderful if made correctly.

Jess Schleicher said...

Looks like it was a fun few days! I'll have to keep my eyes more open to stitching out in public... when I am actually out in public. Have a good weekend!

Alittlebitsheepish said...

I don't think I have ever seen anyone KIP apart from my knitting group. The fleec and fibre sourecbook is a lovely book

Jessica said...

I rarely see anyone out and about knitting or crocheting, either. However, on my last flight to the US, I crocheted a hat on the long leg of the journey. On the shorter one, the lady next to me sat down and immediately pulled out her own crochet project! We had some fun conversation. :)

knitreadclick said...

Hmm, does it count if I've been the one knitting in public? It's been a while since I've seen someone knit in public. Probably on the tram?

fig said...

Thanks everyone for weighing in on this. I finally caught sight of one woman knitting in the airport as we were waiting to fly back home. I knitted on the way and crocheted on the way back. On that leg, I had a nice Canadian woman sitting next to me strike up a conversation because of the crochet. She and her family were going back to Vancouver from a vacation in FL at Disney World. Stitching inspires friendliness!