Monday, November 28, 2011

Need a Really Nice Gift?

If you're like me, this time of year finds you searching for just the right gift for the people you love. For instance, I think I just about have it figured out for Fred and just about everyone else, but I am still perplexed about my mom! If you have someone that needs a special gift, I have a unique idea for you.

You all know that I work with Ravenwood Cashmere by designing with their yarns. The good news is that Delia and Reed recently started offering samples of those designs for sale from their Web site. Their son Ryan took some gorgeous pictures of them recently, modeled by his wife on the Ravenwood Farm and I thought I would show them off to you.

Here is Melanie wearing the Cable & Lace Beret, the Lace Scarf, and the Bavarian Mitts, all in cream. They make a great accessory ensemble, don't they?

Here she is modeling the beret and mitts in taupe. I love this color.

This is a beautiful fall photo of Melanie wearing the beret with the Brackenhill Shawlette.

But I think this photo is my favorite of all of Melanie wearing the crocheted Kathy's Cowl.

These lovely accessories were hand knit and crocheted by Kelli, Betsy, Shirley and me. Prices for the finished items are all listed here. We plan to offer more of these as we expand the line--we hope to have some sweaters in the future. That leads me to my next topic.

We need expert knitters. We're trying to build a cottage hand knitting group here in the South Puget Sound area. If any of you think you would be interested, please e-mail me at and let's start a conversation. Delia and Reed Rasmussen of Ravenwood Cashmere are committed to paying sample knitters at the top of industry standard for this work, not to mention that you would be working with the most luxurious yarn available. Well, I just had to mention it--it's my personal favorite!

I should also mention that we changed the kit details (all the links above lead to kit pages--hey the kits make a great gift too!) so that these patterns are only available when you purchase the kit. The Ravenwood patterns are presently not sold separately.

Help me by passing the word along. Does someone you know need a special gift too? Is someone you know interested in knitting with yummy 100% US cashmere and getting paid well to do so? I'd love to hear from you!


Kelli said...

Great photos of your beautiful designs Jen!

Natalie Goza said...

Those are nice photos. I am with you I really like that last one and there were a couple others on their webiste that are so pretty I kinda want to print them out and hang them up. :o)

fig said...

Thanks, Kelli! Yes, you're right, Nat. They are poster worthy. :-)