Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Men's Top-Down Cardigan

I had to be mean a couple of weeks ago and ask two people who were recovering from a stomach virus and one who was (almost) recovering from (almost) a bad cold to go out in the chilly, wet weather for some pictures of this cardigan on a real person. And that person will NOT allow his head to be shown. My husband hates, hates, hates most (okay, almost all) pictures of himself. I think he's quite cute myself, but I won't argue. I respect his views.

Here is Headless Fred wearing the new Figheadh Fundamental Top-Down Men's Cardigan.

And here is Headless again showing it buttoned up. He says this is his favorite sweater. It fits him perfectly, because I was able to make the sleeves and body just as long as he wanted. He picked out the Cascade 220 Paints in color #9928 and he picked out the buttons.
It was a fun knit and the yarn blocked up beautifully. Fred says it's a very warm, comfortable sweater. I think it may have just gotten him over his little bout with whatever that was--that and the pint of Guinness we enjoyed at the Irish pub just after this quickie photo session in the park, that is. A pint of Guinness is always good on a crisp, fall day.

Thanks to Natalie and Jesse and Fred for coming out in the cold to help get these pictures!

I hope you and yours enjoy some beautiful fall weather this weekend and for those of you celebrating Thanksgiving, enjoy the heck out of that turkey!  

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