Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Onesday!

Because it's 11-11-11 and of course I couldn't resist mentioning this rare occurrence. Be sure to make a big wish at 11:11 today. This used to be a ritual with my girls and me. We had lots of wish opps (crossing a bridge, going under an overpass, finding a folded potato chip in the bag, etc.) and whenever the clock turned 11:11, we would notice and make appropriate wishes. I still do this one. Today, it ought to count twice as much...or eleven times as much, right?

I'm wrapping up a good week here, and I hope you are over where you are, too.

This week Natalie taught me how to make paper. It was awesome! What you see here are 16 dried sheets waiting to be pressed flat. These were all made from some of what was in my office shredder. Next we'll make a book out of them. Fun!

I also worked on a new hat pattern for babies and toddlers. It has cables and ear flaps! This is the combination of objects I had to assemble in order to block the toddler one. This is one reason I don't throw many things away. You never know when you might have occasion to use these things! (two plastic bowls, beer growler bottle, Chinese soup bowl, tape, face mask)

Here's my FO for the week. I finished the knitting of Fred's cardigan, which will be the sample for the pattern, which should be ready for release next week (yippee!). Today I need to sew the ribbon backing onto the button band and then attach the buttons. I think this may be my favorite button attaching method of all the ones we've discussed.

By the way, this is Cascade 220 Paints in color #9928 and as with all Cascade 220, it blocked out nice and smooth. Fred can't wait to wear it, especially since there's a nasty cold trying to get him down. Get well, honey! I'm sure this comfy sweater will help.

Have a great day and a great weekend and don't forget to make your wish!


Kelli said...

Can't wait to see Fred model his great looking new sweater! Hope it helps him feel better :)

GirlAnachronismE said...

Oooh I'd love to try making paper, it sounds like a great way to use up old bills and bank statements. And I hope we will see a picture of Fred modelling his new jumper? It looks great anyway.

fig said...

So you got to see headless Fred anyway. He loves this sweater and has even worn it to work a few times. I'm so glad! Yes, make some paper! It's pretty easy. You just need a spare blender, a big plastic bin, and a plastic 8 x 10 picture frame with some fine gauge metal screening, and some felt. Nat and I should do a post about the process! I'll add that to the list.