Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bring Out Your Woollies!

With temps dropping into the 20's here at night and not getting much out of the 40's during the day, I had to scramble to organize all the warm things. It seems just yesterday I was slipping on the flip-flops. Winter already? They're talking snow as soon as...tomorrow!

Yike! And another yike--I'm about to let you into my closets. Yes, I showed you my yarn stash, my offices, my garden, and now to show you my favorite ways to keep track of the knitted and crocheted yarny items.

This is my non-hanging clothes closet. I have another for all the things that will go on hangers, but I never hang my sweaters. I love these hanging bin thingys instead. They keep the sweaters and vests peeking out where I can see what I have. I am making it a goal to actually wear all of these this year. The one on the right is entirely hand knit and hand crochet sweaters and vests. The one on the left is about half so. I'm aiming for all hand made. Wouldn't that be divine?

This is a couple of shoe hanger bin things I got for keeping all the hats, scarves, cowls, and gloves, mitts, mittens where I can most easily see them in the coat closet by the front door. They have little pockets on the sides and that's where I have several pair of fingerless mitts and gloves. This way, as with the sweaters, I might really wear them all at some point. I am a hopeless "out of sight out of mind" person. If I can't see it, it is forgotten completely!

I even tackled Fred's closet. The man has enough t-shirts that he could probably wear one each day for a year and practically never repeat. This is because he never throws any away (or turns them into rags--my favorite). Some are so thin I wonder how they do not disintegrate in my hands, but I dare not throw them out. That would bring trouble, for sure. Sentimental, he is. Anyway, the sweaters were getting all jumbled up in the t-shirts, so I sorted. I know, I know--it will never stay this way and that is why I had to take a picture. I have to remember that it once looked so neat. Soon it will all be a jumbled, wrinkly mess again. Sigh....
Six of these you see are hand knit by me. I know (again)--I have many, many more than he does. Let's just say I am not one of those who does not knit and crochet for herself. That's just crazy! 

How do you organize your woollies and keep them where you can see them and wear them? Make sure you wear them. Stay warm!

Tomorrow I'll be back to show you what's felting in the washer right now. So cute! It's for Malcolm and Lucy.

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