Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cuz I Eats Me Spinach

...and my kale! Here's our little take from the kickoff day for our local farmer's market. The kale is for later, but we shared the cinnamon roll and pumpkin muffin and added yogurt and fruit for breakfast. Too yummy.
So why the Popeye reference? Two reasons: Because I've been strong to the finish lately and because I realize that my formative years were much influenced by that loveable large-forearmed Sailor Man. Here are a few things I learned from Popeye. Eat your spinach. Be true to your sweetie. Don't let the bullies get the best of you. Never give up. And learn to talk with a pipe in your teeth. Well, I live by most of those, anyway.
My main point is that I'm feeling pretty good about finishing four sweaters and a large cowl in the past month. One of the sweaters was an 18-month size cardi, but proud I still am.
I also have to mention how excited I am that I am going to participate in the Second Annual Knitting and Crochet Blog Week next week. Eskimimi (with her gorgeous designs!) has been so nice as to coordinate this big old blog party and I can't wait to plunge into the requisite post topics. I have barely peaked at them because I want to do it fresh every day. Let's hope I have good brain all week! Otherwise, you will see drivel. We don't want drivel, now, do we?
At the end of this posting extravaganza I will need to tell you about a blog interview I responded to that goes live next Friday! Yes, April Fool's Day. How appropriate.
Must run. Because you know what immediately follows on the heels of FO's, don't you? Startitis! Projects to cast on!
Have a good weekend!

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