Thursday, March 31, 2011

2KCBWDAY4: Where are they now?

Whoops--I'm a little late to the party today. Something head-and-stomache-achy kicked me to the couch today. I slugged it to the computer to do a fast post.

After reading today's blog post assignment, I decided to go back to the second post on my blog in the summer of 2005 called "Summer Sock School." I was vigorously learning basic socks and making them for myself, my husband and various family members. I'm happy to say that all the socks in that post are still intact. Here they are as I photographed them today, trying to mimic one of the pictures in that earlier post.

From left to right, the socks I made in the overly-large yarn and have since felted and turned into slipper socks for me, the one sock of my very first pair of socks ever (the other one is here somewhere--I know it and I won't give up looking), another of my early pair at top, two self-stripey pairs made for my husband, and finally another that are mine. Not a hole in sight and we both wear these socks regularly. So glad to report that almost six years later, these guys have survived! Yes, even the poor misplaced one that I swear I will find!

Now, family members, step up. How many of you still have the socks I made you that first year? How have they held up? Anyone else with amazing hand-knit socks still surviving so many years later? I'd love to hear.

Alrighty, I'm going back to the couch now and I'll be back weller and stronger for tomorrow's post. It's gonna be a doozy!


La Rue said...

Sorry you are ailing, hope it is not the same type bug we had over here on this coast. I still have all the handmade socks you sent my way and they are all still as the day you gave them to me. I admit I do not wear them out into the world inside regular shoes, but use them at home alone or in fur-lined house shoes. I wear them primarily for warmth and they certainly fill that need. Of course I have the newest ones you gave me when I was there in January that are more appropriate to be worn out in public so others can appreciate them. Oh, yes, there is that pair that I accidentally felted, but that is a whole other story. Thanks and keep blogging. Take care of yourself. luvm

Natalie said...

I have both of my pairs, an orange-red pair and a green pair. I wear mine regularly too, at home, in shoes, and everywhere. Though you know me it has to be pretty cold for my feet to stay in socks. haha I also had a fright the other day when I thought our apt. complex dryer had eaten one of my green ones only to find it tucked in the drawer safe and sound. :)

Emily said...

I still have so many lovely socks from my Mama! The red ones are my favorite, they are not from the first year, though. I dream about the Dansko clogs I will get one day. All of my handmade socks will look so cute with those!

fig said...

Mom, we have all accidentally felted things...even hand knit socks. Nat, you scared me. You guys's dryer is infamous. So glad the green sock is safe. Em, you need those Danskos! Thanks for turning me on to them. I love mine.