Monday, March 16, 2009

Meadowood & The Big Easy

I'm constantly re-evaluating and trying to make the pattern line as versatile and useful as possible, so I have known for a while that we needed more home décor patterns as well as patterns for beginner knitters. I decided to combine these two agenda and provide knitters with a couple of non-scarf rectangles.

The first is a table runner (also may be a dresser scarf or whatever you need for it to be) made from panels of two different lace stitch patterns. I thought the Twin Leaf Lace pattern went quite well with the wheat sheaf one, and as I always do, I chose them for their compatible row repeat. When combining stitch patterns, I like for them to play well together and all go home at the same point.

The Meadowood Table Runner is a really good beginning lace project. You can learn some simple as well as advanced decreases and the length of the project gives you lots of practice without any other issues getting in the way.

The sample you see here was knit by sweet Sue in Cascade Pima Tencel in color 4084. It's very soft and pretty.

What I really don't have enough of in the Figheadh line are truly beginner patterns. Ya know, something with no shaping, only knit and purl stitches and minimal finishing. Well, here's The Big Easy to the rescue! As with my Little Charlie Brown Sampler Blanket, The Big Easy changes stitch pattern every few rows to combat boredom. The Big Easy also has a generous garter stitch edge, which we all know practically finishes itself. I chose three geometric knit/purl patterns that were also stitch-repeat and row-repeat compatible and both separated and surrounded them with garter stitch. They all work well together to make a very nice blanket. The pattern has numbers for a lap version or a bit larger throw and this "lapghan" sample was knit by Betsy the Great--she used Cascade Greenland, a cozy, washable merino that is fatter and more hearty than their 220 Superwash--more of an Aran-weight yarn. The color seen here is #3539.

After we were done with this blanket, it occurred to me that if I was going to use the nickname for the amazing New Orleans, I should let The Big Easy Blanket help them, so all profits from this pattern will always go to PNOLA, an organization that is rebuilding homes in the Lower Mid-City neighborhood of "Nawlins" (as we say in Alabama).
Off to try to do some yoga, some knitting, some pattern writing and some other business.
All of you have a wonderful St. Pat's tomorrow! Sláinte Mhath!


Emmalee said...
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Emmalee said...

What a lovely idea! Now people who choose this pattern can warm their toes and their hearts.

zbaerenlovesme said...

So, browsing through Yorkies Yarns I saw this FAB vest..kinda toddler size, in Hazelknits DK HighOctang. Did you design that? When is it coming out? Cuz I love it

fig said...

Yes, zb, that was a sample of my Fundamental Junior Vest coming soon! I loved making it in Wendee's yarn.

Thanks, Em--yes, toes & hearts!

emy said...

the table runner is gorgeous that i see it working really well as a shawl instead!