Monday, March 09, 2009

Lulu & the Ollipheist

Spring's almost here and even though these ladies had to wear underthings because of the fall shoot for these "warm weather" garments, these next two new designs from Figheadh will be great for spring and summer.
First, here's Little Lulu, a sun hat and dress that lets you have fun with some lace and some fancy edges. Doesn't Lucy look sweet? This sample is made with Rowan Calmer, a wonderful cotton blend so fun to knit with. It's stretchy!

I have long needed some patterns for lighter wear and a few more feminine designs for the ladies. Little Lulu is just the first of these in the baby category.

This design had its name long before I was fortunate enough to have Lucy join us for our photo shoot. Not only did she model Lulu, but she also modeled the new sample of Little Charlie Brown that Betsy and Bonnie made for me. Serendipitous, no?

Now get ready for visual evidence of how talented our photographer, Jeff Hobson is. Here's a couple of models at the first of Jeff's shoot:

"We're not playing along and you can't make us. So there. Phooey."

...and about two minutes later...

"Okay, Mr. monsters? Sure! Anything you say!"

"I really like you, Mr. Jeff."

"Like this, Mr. Jeff? Turn this way? Okay, anything you say!"
Thanks to the beautiful Faith (to the left) and Annie (above). You make me smile every day.
These are two versions of the Ollipheist sweater, a simple ITR drop-shoulder knit with a scaly side and a bony side--reversible so that you can wear whichever side to the front you wish. Feeling scaly? Feeling bony? It works.
Both samples are made with Cascade Cotton Rich DK, a lovely cotton blend. The green and brown was knit by the amazing Shirley and I did the pink and purple one.
What is an Ollipheist , you ask, and why does Jennifer name some of her patterns with these weird, hard-to-pronounce names? Because I love Gaelic and Irish and all Celtic things and I can't help myself! I mean, come on--Figheadh?
The Ollipheist is The Great Beast of legend and is actually a big sea beast. He's a monster! I like to think he has a scaly underbelly and a big bony back, which are represented by these two stitch patterns.
Too much fun.
I'll be back next week with two home decor patterns we added recently.
Have a terrific week! And watch out for those thundersnows!

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Dawn Brocco said...

Love the little girls' jumper!