Monday, June 05, 2006

Monday Goodies #10

Gotcha!!! Now I know what gets your attention. The last Monday Goodies' (I know--2 weeks ago!) chocolate cake got me lots of comments, so here ya go...even more yummy!


From Emily, and oh, so fashionista...naughty secretary.

A different way to do your weekly planner.

Recycled gift products.

A really cute site from the SO of one of Fred's coworkers. Look at her stuff, and look at her cool links!

I can't believe it, but no knitting links today. That's a bad sign. Maybe it's to balance out my life lately--all knitting and subbing. Yep, that's about it. Only two more weeks of school, though, and then there will be some hiking & camping! There will!

Happy birthday, Mom! Today is her day.

Hopefully, I'll get a real post in soon. Thanks for your patience!!

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twig said...

Ok, missy! Let's see some knitting!