Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Part Two

(of the birthday goodies)

Daisies from my mom, cuz I love daisies. There are even seeds to plant more daisies. Thanks, Mom!

And what did I get myself? I finally caved and got a swift and ball winder! Here's Fred using them--he loves it too. It's the funnest new toy in the house! That's a backlog of Cascade 220 he's helping me wind up--smooth as silk and not nary a knot nor break. Can't say that for all yarns.

I also got some cash from Fred's mom & dad, and Emily did a tear-jerking post for me on her new
blog! I'm so excited--now I can really keep up with her.

Another gift I gave myself was to go on a really painful hike with Fred (it's only 5 miles but lots of incline) and to knit a bit on a purely personal project. It felt good to just relax (especially after that hike) and do some fun knitting--I haven't had a day off in weeks & weeks! Here's a little snap of my Kureyon cardigan....

I'm done with the body and started a sleeve! It's just a figure-it-out-as-you-go thing. Ya know, for fun!

Go do some fun knitting yourself today!

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See ya!

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