Saturday, June 17, 2006

Back with a Vengeance!

Oh, yeah! I have a blog--I almost forgot! Thanks for waking me, Twig. I was just about to come around all by myself (the overwhelming June 15 deadline passed without killing me & subbing will be over at 11:30 Monday for the summer! Yea!), but your little nudge helped SO much.

I'll start off by showing my sock assembly. "Calling all sock designs--get yourselves on the ott
oman for a meeting. "
I've done 13 sock designs to date. Four are published on the Figheadh Yarnworks site, and all the others will be submitted other places. There are 2 cable ones, 5 lace ones, 1 cable & lace combined, and all the rest are various knit/purl stitch patterns. Ten are top-down and 3 are toe-up. As you can see, the last 4 are still in various stages of production. One of those is almost to the toe, 2 are about 2 inches down on the cuff, and the other is still in the edging stage and won't even peek out of the stitch pattern book. Two pair were done in Mountain Colors Bearfoot (love it!), one in the old Brown Sheep Wildfoote (which was horrible), one in the newer BS Wildfoote (which I like much better), 2 in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock ( love the colors & texture), one in Patons Kroy (which is actually one of my favorites), one in Galegarn Baby Ull (wonderful), 2 in Dalegarn Stork (a gorgeous cotton texture), one in Cascade Sassy Stripes (just good sock yarn), one in Plymouth Sockotta (fun yarn!), and one in DMC Senso Wool Cotton (which is making a darn beautiful fabric--I will be using more of this for socks). It's good to take stock and see what variety of yarns and pattern elements I'm using. I forget when they are strewn all over the place. (Sorry there's no links, but I would rather get this posted-- if I have to spend 30 minutes getting all the links set up, who knows?)

Okay, I'm gonna chop up all the stuff I have to share. Next time I'll show you some cotton & cotton blend yarns I have been swatching with lately. To sign off, I give you this.

No, that's not a Dagwood sammitch. It's a pile of swatches! I've done enough swatches lately to have knit a whole big ol' sweater.

I hope someone out there is still reading. Sorry for the hiatus, but I am really back and will be posting regularly. I have missed blogging and missed reading your blogs (haven't even had time to check those!). Let me hear from you, and have a great weekend!

Figheadh Sona Dhut!
Happy Knitting!


twig said...

Ah, you have been busy. I thought you'd been slacking off or something. Apparently I was wrong.

I don't have any local place to buy neat sock yarns and I get so nervous buying without touching first.

Do you need my address to send me socks? *laugh*

Nice to see you posting.

Lorraine The Knitting Hammy said...

Wow, what a creative sock machine you are. And swatching? I hate swatching, but have been forced to do so- good for you. And you're loyal readers will always check in, no worries. Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging.