Friday, June 23, 2006

Needling You

...specifically, circularly.

Here are the tips of five kinds of circulars that I have been using. From left to right, they are...

Clover bamboo, Crystal Palace bamboo, Addi turbos, Susan Bates Quicksilver, & Inox. They are, obviously, different sizes (6, 4, 5, 6, 1 respectively). Of all five, the Crystal Palace has the pointiest tip. This helps when working those stitches where you have to move stuff around (slip stitching, psso, etc.)

The first circular needles I ever used were the Clover, mainly because they are readily available (Joann, Michael's) and inexpensive. Then I found real yarn shops and tried Crystal Palace. They were worth the extra price. Then I found Addis and I thought I would never use anything else! I have a ton of them, but never enough. They are my favorite for Magic Loop, of course.

Just recently, though, I decided to try the Inox--so many people list them as their favorite, especially sock knitters. I have not tried the Inox dpn's, but plan to. I like the material--coated aluminum. It's a little delightfully "clicky," and while I love wooden needles for their warmth and quiet, sometimes it's fun to use something different. They're not expensive, either! That's a plus.

Then just the other day I finally bought some of the Susan Bates Quicksilver, because they are made with the same material as the Inox. The difference is in the join. I like 'em!

the tape--had to hold down these squiggley babies for the pic.)

Of all these joins, the Addis & the Susan Bates are the smoothest. The Clover has a little ridge that's mildly annoying, the Crystal Palace has a snagger at top of the metal piece, and the Inox has a spot at the beginning of the cord that is flattened, presenting a snagging opportunity.

All have very flexible cord, except the Clovers, which can be very unyielding until you warm it up. My latest favorite way to relax the cord?

Well, once again, I had a picture, but blogger decided I had uploaded enough, I suppose. It would NOT work. (I've been hearing other people complain about this, too. Oh, well, how much can you complain about something that's free?) Anyway--I have been putting my 16" circs into the pages of my big unabridged dictionary. Leave them a few days, and they straighten themselves out. Now for the longer ones...hmmmm. I don't like the whole hot-water solution for some reason. Maybe if I wrap them in a heating pad for a few minutes.

Okay, I leave you with something beautiful.

Cascade's "
The Heathers"--gorgeous, huh? I'm going to try some gloves and socks with some of these. If you go to their page, scroll down to the bottom for these colors. Also, notice something for me--look at all the colors. Why do some of them look like some kind of fingering weight? This is Cascade 220--worsted weight. What's up?

Okay, have a great Friday. Next time I'm going to crow about my new toy. An early birthday present--I love it!!

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