Saturday, January 21, 2006

How 'Bout a Hug?

I haven't been blogging long, but this is the longest stretch without a post. I thought I'd best drop by and give my blog a hug so it wouldn't think I'd forgotten all about it. I think part of the problem is that I think all my posts need pics. I admit it, I like blogs with pics the best! Some days, I just do drive-bys looking for the luscious knitting pics! I'm a strongly visual girl!

Another problem is lots of subbing and little free time. Not to mention that I have also neglected all the projects in the sidebar tracker for working on 5 little new designs for spring/summer. Today I get to finish a pair of gloves, finish 2 shop models for a customer, write the 5 little patterns, do the edits on 2 test patterns, and finally do my taxes! Yea!

Oh, and just as a tiny speck of info--we are drowning out here in the PNW! The rain is incessant. Last night the Fred and I were enjoying some Pink Panther and he says, "Can you hear that rain?" I say, "No." I get up to peek through the blinds and what do I see? Mighty drops. Georgia-type rain. Here it usually mists, or drizzles, but lately we've even been getting the heavy stuff. No end in sight, either.

Okay, back to the hug. I love you, blog. I really do. Be good and wait patiently and next time I will feed you some pics. I promise.



Dawn Brocco said...

Hiya Fig,
I too, like to look at blog pics, but I read them too. I love to write more than take photos! With many of my blog posts, they can't be accompanied by pics, as they're not always about a new design or somewhere I went, etc, they're more like I'm thinking out loud!

So I won't mind if you write posts and don't always have pics!

Amie said...

Yup - pictures are nice, but I like to keep up on the chatter too. I don't even expect a thousand words on days when you don't have pics!