Thursday, January 05, 2006

For Granny

Today is my Granny Kate's birthday. She would have been 97! She left us in 1992, but I celebrate her birthday every year because she was very important to me. I still feel her love and support all around me. Granny was my maternal grandmother and one of the strongest constants in my life. She was a hard-working woman who raised almost a dozen children on the small salary she and Grandaddy brought in from their jobs at West Point Pepperell textile mill in Valley, AL. They also always maintained a garden--not just for fun, but for survival.

Granny was a robust woman who smoked until her last day. She always claimed her lungs were as clean as could be. Unfortunately, ill health caught up with her in her last years, and she dwindled down to about 90 pounds or less. She was always cold without much meat on her bones, so I knit her this sweater to keep her warm.

She wore that thing so much everyone was sick of looking at it--even in the Alabama summers. My lingering image of Granny is of her sitting in the kitchen (where she spent most of her life, cooking three meals a day every day), drinking coffee, smoking, and eating a pop tart (which became the major staple in her diet in her last years), & of course, wearing this sweater. When she passed away, my mom made sure I got the sweater back. I wear it sometimes when I want to feel a big old hug from Granny.

Happy Birthday, Granny! I love you and miss you and Grandaddy every day.


Becky said...

Hi there,
Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. I got the sock blockers from Rosemary Chapman, aka "Chappy," whose husband makes them. She often lists them for sale at the KnitSwap Yahoo! group and on Ad Days at the Socknitters group. Mine are 'Wooly the Ram', but she also has other designs. I'll try to find her email addy so you can contact her. They're wonderful!
Lovely post about your Granny. Mine would have been, umm, 115 last August, but she's been gone since 1976. We live in her house, and I feel her with me always!

twig said...

The sweater was a wonderful gift for her and now for you.

Interestingly enough, my grandmother's birthday would have been Jan 2 and she also died in 1992.