Thursday, January 12, 2006

Shhhh! Don't tell the socks!

I have a new favorite small project--gloves! I finally finished these over Christmas break. More fun with knitted tubes! (Sorry about the pic quality--the mottledness of this yarn makes photographing difficult). My daughter and I were just talking yesterday about how most of what we knit is just various forms of tubes.

Yarn: Stahl sche Wolle Socka 6-fach color; color #9512
Pattern: Katharina Buss, The Big Book of Knitting.

So, apologies to the many partial pairs of socks waiting for me to come back and spend some time with them (and I will--don't nag! I am already committed to RosebyAny's 200Socks!), but I am having too much fun with my second pair of tubes for the hands!

Yes, that's Katerina Buss's Big Book again. I have begun many fun things from her book. Socks, mittens, gloves. It's great!

More about these particular gloves next time.

Until then,

Figheadh Sona Dhut!


KnitSteph said...

Pretty gloves!!

I need to ask you a favor. I have had puter troubles and I can't get into the pattern for the sweater I'm working on for you.

Could you send it to me again so that I can access it from my laptop??

use sgarza at cablelynx dot com


twig said...

Love the gloves. I haven't tried gloves yet because I can't wear them. But it seems like it would be a challenging project.

Amie said...

LOL - I got halfway up the foot of a pair of socks this Saturday and it slapped me across the face and said "What are you doing???? I WANT TO BE MITTENS!!!!!"

So yeah, socks had to take a sideline for me, too. You are temporarily forgiven. :P

Fortunately for us, the rest of blogville has picked up our slack... said...

The gloves look nice! I also use Buss's basic patterns a lot: for hte mittens, socks, gloves... she has weird wording from time to time, but otherwise her patterns are sound.